Here’s what our readers and clients have to say about CatStone Press:

“Cindy has taken our digital publication (a quarterly journal) and elevated it to a level we never could have imagined. It is widely read all over the country and in large part to the way Cindy is able to make it digitally appealing to readers. We provide her with the content and she literally makes the magic happen. Her ability to lay things out so that it is interesting and engaging is unparalleled to what I have seen from any designer anywhere. I HIGHLY recommend her for your design needs.”

– Kathryn McKay-Phillips, Marketing, Publications, and Communications Specialist for ILASCD


“PVCC’s digital class schedule has won a regional award from the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations – the national association for all two-year colleges in the U.S.! Immense thanks to you for making this possible.”

– Anita Showers, Marketing and Media Relations Manager, Piedmont Virginia Community College


“This is just one of the compliments we’ve received in the last 24 hours.  Thanks for a fantastic job on this!”

– Tami Keaveny, Marketing Manager, Paramount Theater about this from one of the readers of their new digital Fall2011 Theater Schedule:

“This new interactive digital e-book is one of the best I’ve ever seen! The videos run flawlessly and add so much interest to an otherwise static brochure. Just had to let you know what a great job you did!”

 – Kathy Osvath


“The magazine is amazing! I really didn’t expect something so wonderfully interactive and complex. Honestly, it’s the best layout and presentation of an online magazine I’ve ever seen.”

– Nick Valentino, advertiser, book author


“I just saw Playlist for the first time.  I am SO impressed.  Never have I felt so optimistic about online publishing.  I will direct my band’s fans to this site to keep up with local music happenings.  It was lovely and tastefully interactive.”

– Jon Felton, musician


“Cindy provides the digital conversion for our paper, the Real Estate Weekly. She provides us with a professional product, including full stats, quick trouble-shooting when necessary, and also supplies us with ideas for enhancements and marketing. It is very important, with a weekly product, for things to be done quickly and accurately, and this is guaranteed with the work she provides. I definitely recommend the services of her business to anyone interested in digital publication.”

– Michael Johnson, Technical Director for CAAR Real Estate Weekly


“As an author in various educational journals, I am very impressed in the manner in which Cindy Marks and CatStone worked with me and the journal to enhance our piece in a professional and innovative way. Throughout the process, Cindy’s communication and perspective enabled our article to emerge with energy and clarity. Her utilization of the latest technological advances gave depth and authenticity to our article.”

– William L. Sterrett, Ph.D., Principal at Woodbrook Elementary School


“Cindy is an innovative force to be reckoned with. Her vision far surpassed mine in creating an online newsletter that highlights the various aspects of my business in a user-friendly way. She isn’t shy about sharing her ideas and is extremely efficient once she has what she needs in hand.”

– Julie Arbelaez, owner, Peace Frogs Travel


“At Gearharts, we enjoy using CatStone digital publications as seasonal newsletters; they allow us to provide richer, more customized content for our email marketing.”

– William Hamilton, owner, Gearharts Fine Chocolates